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Firestone Direct™ is a mobile garage that brings select Firestone Complete Auto Care services direct to you, on your schedule. Now you can get an oil change while you're hanging out in your backyard or a new set of tires while you take a meeting at the office. Learn about the services offered, how Firestone Direct works, and book your appointment today!


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New Tires and Installation: Need new tires, but don’t want to wait in a service center? Our mobile tire technicians will come to you and treat your vehicle like their own when installing your new tires. 

Tire Rotation and Balance: Most auto manufacturers recommend a tire rotation and balance roughly every 5,000 miles to ensure even tire wear and smooth handling.

  • Tire rotation: Your mobile tire tech will remove the tires from their current locations and rotate them to another location on the vehicle.
  • Tire balance: Technicians evaluate your wheel system and installs small tire weights to achieve a properly-balanced wheel and tire assembly.

Tire Changeover: Getting your vehicle ready for winter or summer, but don’t want to haul that extra set of tires around? Depending on the season and your geographic location, our tire experts recommend switching out regular tires for a set of winter tires to help increase safety, handling, and performance.

Tire Repair: TPMS light on? Can't seem to keep your tires inflated? Avoid driving on a damaged tire. We'll bring tire repair to you to patch and plug your tire if it is repairable. 



Oil Change: Regular oil changes help protect your engine parts from damaging friction and heat. Schedule a mobile oil change, and one of our friendly technicians will safely remove and replace your motor oil, replace and recycle your used oil and filter, and inspect other essential fluids right where you live or work.

Battery Check and Replacement: Avoid the panic of relearning how to attach jumper cables and finding a second vehicle with regular battery checks and timely replacements. If your current battery is too weak or old, our technicians can replace it with a new Die Hard battery

Vehicle Inspection: Knowing your vehicle’s condition is important for peace-of-mind. Our techs are experts at thorough inspections to help future-proof your ride. At the end of an inspection, your mobile auto technician will work with you to put together a service roadmap that can help keep your vehicle running well for years to come.

Brake Service: Your brakes are one of the most important safety features on your vehicle, so before you get on the road again, make sure they’ll perform when you need them. Our mobile auto specialists can quickly and conveniently perform brake inspections, replace brake pads, rotors, or shoes and drums, and refill brake fluid.



Windshield Wiper Replacement: Cloudy days can't keep you down when you have a clear view of the road! Let our mobile auto technicians replace your old, streaky wipers with fresh wiper blades. We'll also refill your wiper fluid.

Cabin Air Filter Replacement: Breathe in, breathe out, and relax. Let a mobile technician replace your cabin air filter. It helps trap contaminants and prevent them from entering your vehicle's cabin.

Engine Air Filter Replacement: A dirty engine air filter can force your engine to work harder than it needs to and potentially lead to poor fuel economy and performance. A mobile auto technician can replace an old filter and help restore some engine performance. 

Light Bulb Replacement: Headlight or taillight out? Maintain your view of the road! We can replace your headlights, taillights, or interior light bulbs with high-quality, industry-trusted bulbs.

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There's no need to put off essential car maintenance anymore. Fully equipped for your vehicle maintenance needs, our Firestone Direct technicians come to you, freeing up your day to enjoy what matters most to you. From oil changes, swapping out batteries, to installing a new set of tires, mobile car maintenance is right around the corner — wherever you are and whenever you need us most!

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